Private Lessons

Personalize Your Yoga Practice!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a yoga class by yourself? Private lessons are a perfect way to personalize your practice, focusing on aspects that are important to you. Whether you are feeling the need to expand your practice emotionally, physically or spiritually, private lessons can shift your practice in the direction that you need. The bonus is that classes can be tailored to meet your mood and energy level the day of your class!

Consider private lessons if you:

  • Prefer individual attention
  • Need convenient scheduling
  • Want to begin practicing yoga learning at your own pace
  • Aspire to explore specific aspects of your practice
  • Are easing back into practice after injury or illness
  • Want to experience yoga during pregnancy

In our initial consultation we’ll discuss how private lessons can enhance your yoga experience, centering on important elements of your practice. Together we’ll establish the focus and goals of the lessons to maximize our time together and ensure you get exactly what you need. In addition, we’ll determine the ideal location, frequency and time of your lessons. Classes can be held in your home or at a local studio.

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